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From MIAMA Website by Dave Black

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Hockey Nets: Fast and Easy

Submitted by Bob Baltgalvis, Veterans Memorial Community Center/ Richfield Ice Arena

Everyone knows that stringing nets is a tedious process and not many people enjoy it. Here is a fast easy way to string your nets up.

Tying nets takes time, not to mention, is hard on your hands. Some arenas take up to a full week to complete a set of nets. Imagine having both nets completely done in one day. Avoid the possibility of having your nets half done when you decide to take a break, only to come back to find your nets sliced up by a hockey player with a utility knife that was left out by the nets.

Here’s what you need (per net):

  • 26’ of ¼” rod stock
  • Approximately 50 ¼” clips
  • Self tapping screws – number varies

You can find all of these items in a Grainger catalog. One net roughly needs 26’ of rod stock, six feet across the top, four feet on each side and twelve feet divided up into four sections for the bottom. You will need to pre-drill the holes for the screws, as it makes screwing the net to the frame much easier. These nets have screws every eight inches. It can vary depending on how secure you want the net.

Begin with the top of the net and thread the rod thru the net and attach the clips to the rod. Then, simply screw the clips to the net frame. Next do the two sides. You will need to use wire ties to pull the net down to the bottom of the frame. Repeat the same process used for the top of the net. Next, secure the bottom of the net. I found it easiest to do both curves of the net first. Simply bend the rod to the curve of the net. Finally, secure the back of the net. If you are using the bottom pads, screw them to the frame the same way, only put them in upside down and roll them back over to prevent them from hanging too low when they are tipped up on the boards on the ice.

The final step is the skirt. The skirt is screwed to the net frame as well, predrilled and then screwed to the frame along the bottom. You will still need to thread string thru the top of the skirt, but that is the only tying you will need to do. Follow these steps and you can have your nets done in one day!  

Here are some photos to show how this looks and works or stop by VMCC and I will be happy to show you the nets!